Monitoring software boosts employee productivity

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At workplace, internet use varies between 5 to 8 hours per week and a significant amount of that time is being spent on personal emails, chatting, browsing, etc. The simplest and most cost effective way to reclaim those lost hours is through the use of PC monitoring software. To be the most effective, employee monitoring software should include features like keystroke logs, user’s screen captures whenever user changes applications, video chats and general chat conversations/IM, surround recordings and monitor all the activities. Employee Network Monitoring software really boost productivity by eliminating personal browsing and unofficial computer use by employees.  

Employee monitoring software will allow managers to see how productive certain employees are, which can serve as useful data when making decision on raises and promotions. Monitoring software can make more efficient business processes. Net Orbit Reports are accessible by IT manager who can monitor employee attendance for record keeping purposes. Managers might be concerned that employees could be running multiple programs on their system to show that they are working however monitoring of their live screens, live keystrokes, live events and current window details can reveal the truth in minutes.

Many businesses have an idea about how an employee monitoring software can benefit their business. But sometimes they hesitate to apply it within their premises. The simple reason behind the hesitation is that perhaps employees might get upset when the folks at the company IT department read all their emails. Employees can take it as a question mark on loyalty but managers need to solve this problem by highlighting the advantages of the monitoring software to them.

Managers have the right to maintain the organization decorum. By keeping an eye on the employee PC activities and discover the balance between their rights and the legal activities acceptable in the organization, it is perhaps the wisest step for managers to increase their employee productivity and morale. Installing the employee network monitoring software could help managers to do the same without much problem. The authorities could easily manage and control the systems in the organization and grab anything going on against the policies of the workplace. So choose the monitoring software which will monitor everything that the employee does and track all the programs, record keystroke and website, email sent, chat conversations and social networking sites.

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Monitoring software boosts employee productivity

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Monitoring software boosts employee productivity

This article was published on 2014/01/04